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Equations and Varieties

This chapter presents the Varieties module of the Agda Universal Algebra Library, where we define types for theories and their models and for equational logic and prove properties of these types.

Let 𝑆 be a signature. By an identity or equation in 𝑆 we mean an ordered pair of terms, written 𝑝 ≈ 𝑞, from the term algebra 𝑻 X. If 𝑨 is an 𝑆-algebra we say that 𝑨 satisfies 𝑝 ≈ 𝑞 provided 𝑝 ̇ 𝑨 ≡ 𝑞 ̇ 𝑨 holds. In this situation, we write 𝑨 ⊧ 𝑝 ≈ 𝑞 and say that 𝑨 models the identity 𝑝 ≈ q. If 𝒦 is a class of algebras, all of the same signature, we write 𝒦 ⊧ p ≈ q if, for every 𝑨 ∈ 𝒦, 𝑨 ⊧ 𝑝 ≈ 𝑞.

Because a class of structures has a different type than a single structure, we must use a slightly different syntax to avoid overloading the relations ⊧ and ≈. As a reasonable alternative to what we would normally express informally as 𝒦 ⊧ 𝑝 ≈ 𝑞, we have settled on 𝒦 ⊧ p ≋ q to denote this relation. To reiterate, if 𝒦 is a class of 𝑆-algebras, we write 𝒦 ⊧ 𝑝 ≋ 𝑞 if every 𝑨 ∈ 𝒦 satisfies 𝑨 ⊧ 𝑝 ≈ 𝑞.

{-# OPTIONS --without-K --exact-split --safe #-}

module Varieties where

open import Varieties.EquationalLogic
open import Varieties.Varieties
open import Varieties.Preservation
open import Varieties.FreeAlgebras

← Subalgebras Varieties.EquationalLogic →