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Algebra Types

This is the Algebras module of the Agda Universal Algebra Library. Here we use type theory and Agda to codify the most basic objects of universal algebra, such as types in Agda signatures (Algebras.Signatures), algebras (Algebras.Algebras), product algebras (Algebras.Products), congruence relations and quotient algebras (Algebras.Congruences).

A popular way to represent algebraic structures in type theory is with record types. The Sigma type (defined in Overture.Preliminaries) provides an equivalent alternative that we happen to prefer and we use it throughout the library, both for consistency and because of its direct connection to the existential quantifier of logic. Recall from the Sigma types section of Overture.Preliminaries that the type Σ x ꞉ X , P x represents the proposition, “there exists x in X such that P x holds;” in symbols, ∃ x ∈ X , P x. Indeed, an inhabitant of Σ x ꞉ X , P x is a pair (x , p) such that x inhabits X and p is a proof of P x. In other terms, the pair (x , p) is a witness and proof of the proposition ∃ x ∈ X , P x.

{-# OPTIONS --without-K --exact-split --safe #-}

module Algebras where

open import Algebras.Signatures public
open import Algebras.Algebras public
open import Algebras.Products public
open import Algebras.Congruences

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